Life Is Short – Bucket List #1

Life Is Short – Bucket List #1
Life Is Short

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Todays podcast features a few words from Steve Jobs.

My name Is Howard Carney III and hearing simple words like these, and true belief in those words, I have completely changed my life. I am much happier than I ever was before and my hope is that a few words will change your life for the better as well

You can do whatever you want, have anything,  or be whoever you want to be. It’s really simple.

  1. Imagine what you want and how it would make your life better.
  2. Think about the things you need to do to get there.
  3. Take a step, start doing the things that will move you in that direction. It can be a little thing or big thing. Once you complete that thing, do the next one.

Food Drink Fun Premier

Food Drink Fun Premier
Food Drink Fun

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This is the premiere episode of the Food Drink Fun Podcast. 

This podcast will bring you the best Food, Drink and Fun from around the world with my co-host and special guest host. 

Under food, we will talk about the awesome restaurants we find and awesome recipes you can make at home.

Under drink, we will talk about awesome bars and coffee houses we find. and awesome drink recipes you can make at home or at your friend home.

Under fun, we will talk about awesome fun things we find, both free and paid.

If you know of any great food drink or fun things we should check out let us know!. Contact me through:

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Personal Snapchat – howardcarney3